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Quarterflash - Quarterflash (1981) - €10,00

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Quarterflash is an American rock group formed in 1980 in Portland, Oregon. The band was originally made up of the two current members, Orinda Sue “Rindy” Ross and her husband Marv Ross.
The group was formed by merging two popular Oregon bands, Seafood Mama and Pilot. Continuing under the name Seafood Mama, the band originally released the picture-sleeved single “Harden My Heart” on a local private label, Whitefire Records, in the spring of 1980 (with the B-side track being “City of Roses”). “Harden My Heart” was a big hit on Portland radio stations and got the band a one-hour TV special, Seafood Mama In Concert, on KOIN on June 5, 1980.
“Harden My Heart” would later be rerecorded by the band after they renamed themselves Quarterflash. The name came from an Australian slang description of new immigrants as “a quarter flash, three quarters foolish”, which the Rosses found in a book at producer John Boylan‘s house.

Quarterflash’s debut album sported the fiery saxophone playing of lead singer Rindy Ross, helping it achieve platinum status, as well as posting two Top 20 hits.
“Harden My Heart” reached the number three position in 1981, thanks to a complimentary blend of sax and expert bass riffs from Pilot’s Rick Gooch.
The second single, “Find Another Fool,” was bolstered by Ross’ high-pitched vocal attack, gaining a respectable number 16 chart position.
While the album’s novel appeal of having a sexy female saxophone player at the forefront was well worth the attention, it didn’t mean the rest of the album lacked in pop attractiveness.

Marv Ross‘ guitar playing is more than substantial throughout the nine tracks, making songs such as “Valerie,” a song about the then taboo subject of lesbianism, and “Right Kind of Love” stand out, and ballads like “Critical Times”and “Williams Avenue” are typical keyboard-aided love songs.
After this album, Quarterflash’s allure began to fizzle, and the material on their next couple of releases lacked the contagious riffs or congenial radio formula that made this album a success.

Side A
A1.   Harden My Heart   (3:51)
A2.   Find Another Fool   (4:32)
A3.   Critical Times   (5:06)
A4.   Valerie   (4:20)
A5.   Try To Make It True   (3:38)

Side B
B1.   Right Kind Of Love   (3:49)
B2.   Cruisin’ With The Deuce   (4:10)
B3.   Love Should Be So Kind   (3:10)
B4.   Williams Avenue   (7:57)


Additional personnel

  • John Boylan – Producer
  • Paul Grupp – Engineer
  • Phil Jamtaas – Assistant Engineer
  • Erik Zobler – Assistant Engineer

Release:  1981
Format:  LP
Genre:  Rock
Label:  Geffen Records
Catalog#  GEF 85438

Vinyl:  Excellent
Cover:  Excellent

Prijs: €10,00


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