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Santana - Shango (1982) - €10,00

Shangó is the thirteenth studio album by Santana. The album reached #22 on the Billboard 200 album charts.
Shango is notable for featuring the return, in the role of co-producer and co-songwriter, of original Santana keyboardist Greg Rolie. The main producer, however, was Bill Szymczyk (James Gang, Eagles), who gave Santana an unusually sharp rock sound resulting in two more hit singles, "Hold On", and "Nowhere to Run".

This is an exceptional album from start to finish. Shango also features some of Carlos' tightest guitar work he has ever recorded. The first time I was exposed to Santana was back in 1982 when the video for "Hold On" was world premiered on MTV (when MTV was "MTV" and not "SHITTV" like it's been since the late eighties. I remember being enchanted by the theme of the video, the whole voodoo motif, and of course the song itself. I first bought this album back in 1992 and it has been one of my favourites ever since. 
The opening track is "The Nile" which is my favourite cut on the album and exemplifies the cohesiveness that this particular Santana ensemble demonstrated so consummately. Carlos' solo is one of my all time favs and vocalist Alex Leigertwood just exudes soul on this one. "Hold On"of course is an all time classic and includes a fabulous "stabbing" guitar solo akin to old friend and cohort John McLaughlin. 
"Night Hunting Time" is a solid rock n' soul cut that conjures up images of a night out in Tijuana. "Nowhere to Run" is an amazing track that features another fab guitar bit compliments of Carlos where the rest of the band stops at 3 points in the segment. "Nueva York" is an astoundingly uplifting instrumental where the band is joined by former member Greg Rolie on organ and is reminiscent of Santanas' 1969 debut album. "Oxun" and "Body Surfing" are also replete with stellar instrumentation and vocals. 
The cover of "What Does it Take" is second to none and "Let Me Inside" is a funk cut that flows flawlessly. "Warrior/Shango" are my second favourite cuts on this album. The former is a guitar driven instrumental that is unlike anything they have ever recorded and is impeccable from start to finish. 
The latter is an evocative percussion/chant piece that is the ideal closer for this particular album. "Shango" is the epitome of collective virtuosity and superior musicianship and may be one of most undeservedly overlooked and underrated recordings of all time.

Carlos Santana once likened his penchant for exploring different musical genres to a mountain climber’s obsession with mountains.
So long as part of a mountain range — or the musical equivalent — lies uncharted, there remains a challenge to be met. Over the course of fourteen albums, Santana and the various versions of his band have indeed explored many areas of contemporary music.
The music on Shangó, much like the group’s 1981 smash, Zebop!, ranges from Latino chants and instrumentals to near-jazz — here, with a bit more synthesized polish to it — to rock, including an upbeat cover of Junior Walker’s “What Does It Take (to Win Your Love).” As usual, the percussion section churns impeccably and Santana’s guitar-playing shines.

Side A
A1.  Hold On - 4:54
A2.  Night Hunting Time - 4:42
A3.  Nowhere To Run - 3:58
A4.  Nueva York - 4:57

Side B
B1.  Oxun (Oshun) - 4:12
B2.  Body Surfing - 4:25
B3.  What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) - 3:24
B4.  Let Me Inside - 3:31
B5.  Warrior - 4:21
B6.  Shango - 1:41

Release:  1982
Format:  LP
Genre:  Latin Rock
Label:  CBS Records
Catalog#  85914
Prijs:  €10,00

Vinyl:  Good
Cover:  Good


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