zaterdag 18 november 2017

Connie Francis - Connie (1975) €14,95

Side A
A1.  Who’s Sorry Now
A2.  Never On Sunday
A3.  Don’t Break The Heart That Loves You
A4.  Mama
A5.  Together
A6.  Hava Na Gila

Side B
B1.  My Happiness
B2.  Maleguena
B3.  Among My Souvenirs
B4.  Where The Boys Are
B5.  Breakin’ In A Brand New Broken Heart
B6.  Al Di La

Side C
C1.  Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool
C2.  When The Boy In Your Arms
C3.  Follow The Boys
C4.  Frankie
C5.  Second Hand Love
C6.  Vacation
C7.  Stupid Cupid

Side D
D1.  My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own
D2.  Many Tears Ago
D3.  Lipstick On Your Collar
D4.  My Yiddishe Mama
D5.  Jealous Of You (Tango Della Gelosia)
D6.  Time Alone Will Tell (Non Pensare A Me)

Release: 1975
Genre: Traditional pop
Format: 2LP
Label: Sessions Records
Catalog# SG 69-2-E4RS-0037

Vinyl: Goed
Hoes: Goed

prijs: €14,95

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