maandag 26 februari 2018

Jon Anderson - Animation (1982) €4,95

Side A
A1.  Olympia - 4:58 
A2.  Animation - 9:07 
A3.  Surrender - 3:53 
A4.  All In A Matter Of Time - 3:06

Side B
B1.  Unlearning (The Dividing Line) - 4:56 
B2.  Boundaries - 3:20 
B3.  Pressure Point - 4:36 
B4.  Much Better Reason - 4:27 
B5.  All Gods Children - 4:25

Release: 1982
Genre: Synth-pop
Format: LP
Label: Polydor Records
Catalog# 2383624

Vinyl: Goed
Hoes: Goed

prijs: €4,95

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